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That's correct. There is one on the mainline switch going into the yard 
at the south end of Glasgow.

Jimmy Lisle

On 7/26/2019 9:56 AM, NW Mailing List via NW-Mailing-List wrote:
> This type of locking arrangement is usually found where the switch 
> stand is close to
> a road crossing.  In the 1940's, Norfolk Southern's No. 99 derailed 
> near St. Brides, VA.
> The 2-8-4 entered the siding and turned over. Investigation revealed 
> that a driver
> crossing the tracks had left the roadway, struck the switch stand 
> forcing the switch
> points to line for the siding.  The driver left without notifying 
> anyone.    Harry Bundy
> --*This short siding also had a latch connected to the switch point 
> that you had to depress to operate the switch.  This location is the 
> only place I encounter this type of attachment on a switch. *
> **
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