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Agree - the problems were with the steam producing side; the actual drive train(generator and traction) worked well.  The decision to spend more on the turbinevs. going diesel, was a no brainer.  The steam age was over. 
I am a volunteer at the NMOT in St. Louis.  One of our artifacts is a fully operationalChrysler turbine auto from the early 1960's.  Some visitors, especially the car nuts,view the turbine car as a wasted effort, etc.  Then we explain that the drive train leddirectly to the modern Abrams Tank.  Progress is often ups and downs.
Mike - thanks for the positive comment about JH.  I wish the N&W had savedthe shell, but not to be.  Act in haste, repent at leisure.
Jerry Crosson;  NWHS in St. Peters MO.

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Jawn Henry was anything but an embarrassment. It was an innovative idea that didn’t work. I’m sure plenty of things were learned during the experiment. Plenty of things fail and lead to greater things. 
The recent Apollo celebration comes to mind as I type this on my cell phone. 
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