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Abram - 

I don’t know that the NKP had any double track; I know they had some paired track east of Cleveland with NYC or PRR or somebody.

Wabash had double track from Detroit to just west of Adrian, from just east of Montpelier to Pergo, from east Bement to Decrater to Brooklyn yard.  I don’t know how much of this double track was eliminated after I left, nor what it was replaced with.  None of the Wabash double track that I knew was so heavily trafficed that a good CTC system wouldn’t have worked.  I worked on both the Detroit District and the Brooklyn District at different times.

- Ed King

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Mr. Bundy -

You were a "boots on the ground" man, so your take on things is highly valued.

You wrote:


On the Dekrater and Moberly Divisions, there was a signal arrangement ID'ed as Manual Block - Remote Control.  Wabash dispatchers could give a signal to enter a siding, but the train crew had to manually align the turnout.  This system of controlling train movement became known as "Morphodite Traffic Control". 


I always perceived both the Nickel Plate and the Wabash as being first class, high-speed, classy, good operations before the N&W management got hold of them, single tracked them and made a disaster out of them both.

You know the true story, so please tell us.  What were the NKP and the Wabash really like before the N&W's Richard Freeman Dunlap rode his Black Horse of Death onto the scene?  It would also be interesting to know why those two roads would ever want to get in bed with the N&W, given the N&W's reputation for people like Saunders and Dunlap.  Shucks, those two roads did not even connect with the N&W, so where were the imagined synergies?

  -- abram burnett,

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