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The NKP purchased 4 Baldwin AS-16's in 1953 and 1954.  As was the case with
Baldwins the NKP had continuous mechanical problems with the 4
locomotives.  To remedy this in 1959 NKP sent 2 to ALCO and 2 to EMD for
repowering.  The 2 sent to ALCO received 251B prime movers rated at 1800HP
(basically becoming ALCO RS36's) while the 2 sent to EMD received 567C
prime movers rated at 1750HP (basically becoming GP9's) .  Additionally
larger 1600 gal fuel tanks were installed and the long hoods of the units
were rebuilt with ALCO RS36 and EMD GP9 hoods.  The Baldwin short hoods
were retained on a 4 units though larger number boards replaced the smaller
Baldwin number boards on the 2 EMD rebuilds.  With the merger of the NKP
into the N&W in 1964 the units went to the N&W and were numbered into the
2300 series.  In 1970 the units were renumbered into the 7900 series.  The
ALCO rebuilds were retired by the N&W in 1970 and the EMD's were retired in
1976 and 1977.  They spent their active days in service on the former NKP
primarily in Ohio.  I was able to see and photograph them when I lived in
NE Ohio during the 70's.

Ed Painter:  #70 - from Narrows, VA living in Cohutta, GA

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> What in the world is this? Looks to be part Baldwin, part EMD, part Alco.
> 1974 Cleveland OH. Weird.
> Sorry for the 'borrowed' copy but had to ask.
> John Garner
> Newport VA
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