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This was one of 4 Nickel Plate Baldwin AS16 model road switchers ordered 
as pairs in 6 months apart in 1953. Originally numbered 320-324, they 
were set up with controls compatible with EMD  and ALCo power. Delivered 
to Brewster, the worked West End High Balls (Brewster-Toledo) until 
their poor reliability let them down. In 1959 the NKP sent two to EMD 
and two to ALCo for conversion to something more reliable (or known how 
to maintain by the shop crews). They came back to the Wheeling & Lake 
Erie District where they stayed until the 1964 merger. In Pevler blue, 
found their way to Bellevue (where they had been visitors on Wheeling 
road trains that made set offs in that yard) where I worked on them in 
engine service. They were paired with an EMD or ALCo counterpart and 
slogged around the hump. The cab was small and set up for long end lead, 
the only such on the NKP. Other than the cab, they were just like any 
geep or RS we had.


On 5/23/2019 9:06 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:

> What in the world is this? Looks to be part Baldwin, part EMD, part Alco.
> 1974 Cleveland OH. Weird.
> Sorry for the 'borrowed' copy but had to ask.
> John Garner
> Newport VA
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