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What Ed probably meant was there was no turntable big enough to handle a Y.
There was a turntable whose foundation can still be seen close to where the
present locomotives are displayed. When that turntable was removed I cannot
say but you might find more info to aid your recreation residing in the
Museum of the Middle Appalachians in Saltville or by contacting its former
director, Harry Haynes.

Mike Pierry, Jr.

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> Dear esteemed scholars of the Steam Age:
> As I move slowly forward in recreating a much-condensed version of Glade
> Spring, Va, circa 1956-57, several questions arise about N&W
> infrastructure/operations there. Herewith:
> —I assume the Saltville branch trains ran as extras by the mid-‘50s, as no
> schedules are listed in ETT’s of that era. Timetables from the 1940s show 2
> mixed trains/daily in each direction. An NWHS archive listing shows a
> discontinuance notice for the “mixed” part of the 4 trains then, dated
> 1950. Which leads up to the question of how many trains operated daily from
> Glade Spring to Saltville by ‘56 or ‘57?
> —A couple of photos in the NWHS archive show the engine terminal at Glade.
> I haven’t unearthed a detailed track chart, so I’m curious what the 4
> white-painted structures were used for? I’m assuming things like a water
> treatment plant, oil house or sand-drying shed are likely suspects. This
> shot shows the structures, photo PA00124 in the archives, URL:
> Any insights welcomed.
> —Lastly, the Hon. Ed King has told me that the Y-class that normally
> worked the Saltville Branch was not turned at Saltville on account of no
> wye or turntable there. So, which way did the engine face leaving Glade?
> Photos suggest they backed trains to Saltville, then ran forward the 9
> miles back to Glade. Of course, the wye at Glade may mean the engines in
> the photos had been turned in the photos extant. Memories welcomed here.
> —Lastly, were there any other industries rail-served in Glade in the late
> steam era besides the said 300 cars/week on average that came off the
> branch?
> Insights and memories appreciated.
> Thanks all in advance.
> Andre Jackson
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