External reducing valves

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I covered this in some detail (not full detail) in 1980 when my original 
version of the Giant book was published.  It was added some in my 2005 
revised addition and will be covered in great detail in the forthcoming 
"compound book" that Ed King and I are authoring together.

Bud Jeffries

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> ...Because of this, Bob Pilcher sought a way to improve dependability and 
> accessibility of these parts and while increasing power of the Mallet 
> compound.

     It is a shame that all of this information was not something that
was widely known forty seven years ago. If I had any inkling, I had
plenty of chances to talk to steam engineers before they retired and
were gone forever.

Be that as it may, I never had an engineer mention intercepting/reducing
valve problems in what talks we did have.

Jimmy Lisle

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