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Rob,  Thanks for the encouragement to visit the work sessions more faithfully. I do miss hanging out with you guys. Maybe the new president won’t make me climb up in the ceiling like the old one did!   : )   BTW I didn’t see any drawings up there.   John


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Hi Mike:   If you liked the discussion here on the mailing list,  why not visit with these guys in living color ?   As a friendly reminder,  this Saturday,  January 26 is the GOB east workday.  Gordon, Steve & John  are known to frequent the GOB east  workdays and I am sure they would enjoy talking Rohrer mines. ( Especially Steve ! )    

Well,  to clarify, we haven't seen John in a while, ever since we had him look in the ceiling for a water leak.   I don't know what he saw.  :  )   You never know he may be there this weekend. He's due  for a visit .


Gordon and Steve will probably be there, along with Joe, Roger, Ron  &  Rob.   Bruce from Blacksburg shows up from time to time.   He's due a visit also. 


 Everyone is invited to visit GOB east this weekend,  'Saturday' . We always have stuff to work on, and things to look at.  Just park in the big parking lot in front of the Carillon data center just off Kimball & 5th street that Freight Car america uses for parking,  Contact us with your email address and we'll give you a number to call so we can let you in the building.  

Looking  forward to see you at the GOB east .

Best regards 



Radford Va   



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I have enjoyed the Rohrer mines discussion. Hard to imagine such taking place in the city limits. Mention has been made of street names directly related to N&W etc. Aside from Kimball Avenue, what Roanoke streets are named because of the RR? Other cities too if you like. 
Thank you,
Mike Shockley  

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