Ex Wabash Passenger Car in N&W Service

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I'm trying to reconcile the N&W's passenger roster with two photos of car in Wabash and, later, in N&W service.  The photographic evidence does not seem to match the written evidence.
According to the archives' roster of ex Wabash cars in N&W service, Wabash Coach #1420 was renumbered to N&W #1827 in 1966.
I have attached a photo of Wabash #1420 from the Page 11 of the book, "Wabash, Nickel Plate and DT&I Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment."  Wabash #1420 has flutted, stainless steel sides.
I have also attached a photo of N&W #1827 from the Historical Society Archives which shows the car having smooth sides.
Did this car have its flutted sides changed to smooth sides when it was renumbered and relettered to Norfolk and Western?
Bill KingArlington, Virginia
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