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 Thanks much, that pinpoints both locations, although I believe Keller's Field photo is unnumbered pg 71 in LSRRinA.  I didn't expect that kind of detailed local knowledge, but this forum always surprises and delivers.


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Can anyone help me find two locations on the Abingdon Branch - Keller's Field and Brown's Bottom?
Winston Link took many photos at Brown's Bottom, but I've only found one group at Keller's Field, so far (B&W NW673, Color 124C, 60Kn).? One source states they are near Watauga or north of Damascus.? I'd like to get a closer than that.? I have track charts of the branch, but because of the many curves, it's almost impossible to find a track configuration to match the photos.
Keller's Field is located just up the trail from Trestle #7. From Google Earth (or your favorite mapping app). The field is to the left where Keller Road meets the trail.  If you walk/ride from the Wautauga Road parking area, the field is about 2.5 miles.  There is a bench there, and from the bench you can see the field and in the background a hill with the dimples shown in the photo on page 72 of The Last Steam Railroad in America.
Browns Bottom is located just off Piper Road (off Rt. 58). The field can be seen At the intersection of Piper Road and Alvarado Road.  If you park on Downing Ford Road (under Rt 58) and walk up the trail about .6 miles you can see the field, and further up the trail you can see the hill in the background of Link's photo on pages 67 and 87 of The Last Steam Railroad in America.
Detailed directions are in my book, Following the OWL's Footsteps on page 88.
Hope this helps.
John AbbottWinston Salem, NC
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