Pigeon Creek mine info needed

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Thu Jan 3 21:03:29 EST 2019

Why not sell the audio in MP3 format rather than as WAV files? You could easily fit 3 hours of MP3 audio on a single CD. Or skip physical media altogether and sell the recordings as a download. You could even offer the downloads as lower quality MP3 files for a lower price and in a higher quality lossless format such as FLAC for a higher price.  

Rob Doorack

> Perhaps his best recordings were made on trains 5 and 6 when he rode in the baggage car over the entire route behind Pacific 578. If there is interest in that trip, I’ll work on it. It would require at least two CDs to cover it all. I can get over an hour on one CD but there are over 3 hours of recordings on that trip, which was a regular operating day and not an excursion.

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