Pigeon Creek mine info needed

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I am interested in all

Thanks Larry Evans

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> I’m also working on Bill Bauer’s recordings of his rides on trains 26 and 25 in June, 1958, just a few weeks before the J’s came off of the passenger trains. He recorded between Sardinia and Williamson with segments around Portsmouth, Kenova and other points in between plus train 25 all the way to Cincinnati Union Terminal. However, the portion from Clare to CUT is pretty bland compared to the areas mentioned above.
> Perhaps his best recordings were made on trains 5 and 6 when he rode in the baggage car over the entire route behind Pacific 578. If there is interest in that trip, I’ll work on it. It would require at least two CDs to cover it all. I can get over an hour on one CD but there are over 3 hours of recordings on that trip, which was a regular operating day and not an excursion.

    I would be interested in all of them.

Jimmy Lisle

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