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    The passenger trains on the Peavine were 3 and 4 the Pocahontas,  
with them being night mostly on the Cincinnati end.
Trains 15 and 16 were the Cavalier, and 25-26 were the Powhatan Arrow.
     There were numbered freights like 77 and 78, where were generally  
faster time freights, and at the end of steam used 1200 series class A's
Trains 84 and 85 were freights that generally had Y class 2-8-8-2's
There was also a local that ran from Cincinnati to Sardinia and one  
from Portsmouth to Sardinia (they wyed there at Sardinia)
I think there was at least one night freight on the line (the ones  
that wrecked at Sardinia in 1958 for example).
Also there were extras like coal trains and so forth.
I live on the Peavine, and we have several videos with diesel and  
vintage steam on the line.  You can check them out on our website
if interested.
Happy modeling.
Greg Scholl

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