WHO WERE THEY ? -- #46 -- Frank T. Slayton, VGN

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Dear Abramo,

Thank you again for doing this research and posting these mini-bios.  I
specifically want to mention Frank Slayton.  A few years ago one of the
Virginian Crazies purchased a set of squareheads from his grandson(?).
Along with the squareheads the seller sent a booklet that his grandfather
had written about the early days of the Virginian.  I'm on the road without
the booklet, but there was a penciled in family tree, and at least two
generations of the son's ancestors had worked for the Virginian, and were
significant parts of the railroad's history.  I checked with some of our
senior members and found that they knew about the Slayton family, and at
one time the booklet was one of the very few pieces of material Virginian
enthusiasts had.

This might lead to further discussion at Twin Falls.  So, again, thanks

Frank Bongiovanni

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> Attorney Hon. Jerome Sanderman, Esq. asketh:  " Am I correct that these
> gentlemen were included in the 'master list' you sent out recently ?  I
> don't want to download all this stuff twice !  -- Jerome Sandermann, Esq."
> Let not your heart be troubled, Jerome.  After all the individual items
> are list-ized, I will put out a summary.
> What I sent you at the beginning was a raw work-up, and contained a number
> of grammatical and punctuation errors, as well as some copy-and-paste
> errors.  Hopefully "our forces" are correcting those items as we post them
> day-by-day.  That preliminary work-up was sent only you and two or three
> other members of the Elite Order of Grumpy Old Railroader Men.
> There are about one hundred entries in the entire catalog, so we are about
> half-way through.  We have completed the 1922 entries for N&W and VGN men
> in Biographical Directory of Railway Officials of North America, are now
> working our way through the 1913 edition, then will do the 1906, 1901, 1887
> and 1885 editions.  A check of the World Library Catalog indicates that
> these were the only editions of the Biographical Directory published.
> Later there was a similar publication called Who's Who in Railroading, but
> those volumes are not digitized due to the 70 year copyright thingie in the
> U.S., which is a serious impediment to scholarship.
> After everything is published to the List, there will be a QUIZ.  The
> question will be:  Who, amongst the hundred or so men covered, was the
> earliest one to hire on a railroad?  I think you will find the answer quite
> interesting.
> See you in Court, Attorney Sandermann !
>   -- abramo von burnardo,
> grand duke of eccentricities,
> overseer of the turnip patch, pro tem
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