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Southward Foundry & Machinery Co, of the old Southwark section of

Southwark is a name now almost lost, save to people who study the history
of the early railroads in Philadelphia.  The Consolidation Act of 1857
merged twenty-some small settlements, villages and burgs into the present
City of Philadelphia, and many of the old names have long-since fallen into
disuse.  Another old name I always liked was the area called Northern
Liberties, which name even found its way into the name of a railroad, the
Northern Liberties & Penn Township RR,  a 1.7 mile long railroad
incorporated 1829, which lasted an incredible 28 years, until finally
gobbled up by the Reading in 1857.  Alas, about all you can find these days
of the Northern Liberties RR is the tops of a few rails still sticking out
of the street pavement.

The name Southwark is taken from an old district in London, and the name is
found as early as 1086 A.D. in the Doomsday Book.

Note attached page from 1923 Railway Review about these scale test cars and
the Southward F&M Co.

-- abram burnett

curator of the national turnip museum

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>    Earlier this year, I had asked the question of where the small N&W
> scale test cars were built. The following photo was posted on Facebook by
> Danny Patterson. It shows that the cars were built by the S.F.&M. Co. Can
> anyone confirm the name of the S.F.&M. Co. of Phila. Pa.?
> If you are on Facebook, Danny has included a group of fascinating photos
> of the scale test building in Roanoke.
> Jimmy Lisle
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