N&W Engines on Trains 21 & 22 over ACL Petersburg-Richmond

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In answer to your inquiry, I found the following info.

An arrangement was made July 18, 1892 to establish a direct passenger train
run with the Norfolk and Western between Richmond and Norfolk using a
Norfolk and Western engine, coaches and crew with service beginning July
23, 1892. Before this arrangement passengers were required to change trains
at Petersburg. The original name of the new train was *The Norfolk and
Richmond Vestibule Limited *but a few years later the name was changed to
the *Cannon Ball*.

N&W apparently want to establish a through route Norfolk to Richmond as a
gateway to the RF&P

N&W crews, engines ran all the way, no changes were made in Petersburg.

Herman Wilkins

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> Does anyone know the history of the agreement by which N&W engines hauled
> The Cannonball over the ACL between Petersburg and Richmond?
> Specifically:
> 1.  WHY was the agreement entered into?  Was it because the ACL did not
> have an engine terminal at Petersburg?
> 2.  WHEN (what year) was the agreement entered into?
> 3.  Did either the Train or the Engine crews run all the way through all
> the way from Norfolk to Richmond, or were both the Train crew and the
> Engine crew changed at Petersburg?
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