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The building in the left-hand side of the photo is not the Richlands depot. The depot was a brick building  several hundred feet to the east of the water tank. The building next to the water tank  in the photo is what I believe was called the Western Union building.  


You can find photos of the Richlands depot and an aerial photo of the wye area around the water tanks in my article about Richlands published in Vol. 27, No. 1 (Jan., Feb., March, 2011) of The Arrow.


Paul Mandelkern

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I find it interesting that a dinky, ancient little depot structure like the one shown in the photo would sport a great big Color Light Train Order and/or Block Signal.  That is about as incongruous as using a VW Beetle to tow a trailer and a 35 foot cabin cruiser !


Experiment?  Nah, they didn't do experiments that far away from the Headquarters staff responsible for watching experiments.


-- abram burnett 

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