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Harry, this is really interesting.  In 1962 I was stationed at an army base in Texas.  During that year (early spring) we loaded a company of tanks on flatcars and boarded pullman cars and went from Ft Hood to the Little Creek Amphibious Base for some advanced training with practice landings from LST's.  I know we went via Cincinnatti and I believe Bluefield, but it was one of these military trains.  Thanks for the memory.
Ted Cutler
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On the railroads, trains hauling military personnel and equipment were
known as MAIN trains -- that's Military Authorization Identification Number.
In August, 1962,  N&W and NS operated MAIN 1151 and two other MAIN
trains to Little Creek Amphibious Base using N&W (former VGN) to
Coleman Place and NS Rwy. beyond.  The train hauled U.S. Navy Reservist
to two weeks active duty.  Equipment was all  heavy-weight Pullmans.  Called
from the extra board, I became a one time block operator at Camden Heights.
The Coleman Place dispatcher notified me to STOP the MAIN train,   that
one conductor had failed to detrain and a lite engine would come and pick
him up.  I signaled  MAIN 1151 to stop.  It did and I thought the trainmaster
was going to have  heart attack. Will hunt for MAIN 1151's consist. 
                                                                     Harry Bundy     
 Would there be records of military passenger trains from the late 50's till the end during the Viet Nam period?
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