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I also like the fact that the N&W logo is applied slightly crooked.  Seems fitting in a way....


Dr. J. Brent Greer
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When I saw the Ebay listing, I was fully aware that the clock is a fake.

But just to pull the guy's chain. I sent him a query asking if the "label can be peeled off the dial."

He wrote back asserting that his clock was "definitely not a fake" and that "railroads did this as they upgraded their clocks," or some such nonsense.

The fraud isn't even a clever one.  Why would anyone put a 1940's logo on an 1890's clock dial and expect the charade to be believed ?  Seems like a rather "dumb crook" to me.

Even a greater mystery to me is how anyone can sleep at night after practicing fraudulent deceptions during the day.  Is one's conscience so worthless as to be sacrificed on the altar of the almighty dollar...?  Where is the gain in such doings?

-- abram burnett

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