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 In reading this extensive resume again, I'm struck by the thought that since Raymond DuPuy didn't spend very long in most of those positions, he must have had trouble keeping a job and/or wore out his welcome quickly. Just my .02 worth. At ease, and smoke 'em if ya got 'em! (:-)

Greg Harrod



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Du PUY, RAYMOND, Vice-President and General Manager Virginian Ry. in 1913.  Office: Norfolk, Va.  Born 1860 at Pittsburgh, Pa.  Educated at Georgetown University. Entered railroad service 1877 as water boy Missouri Kansas & Texas Ry, since which he has been consecutively 1878 to 1881, assistant engineer same road and Missouri Pacific Ry; 1881 to 1885, chief engineer and superintendent Tioga Ry (branch of New York Lake Erie & Western Rd); 1885 to 1887, general superintendent Minnesota & Northwestern Ry; 1887 to Feb. 1, 1888, general manager Chicago St. Paul & Kansas City Ry;  1891, president Leavenworth & St. Joseph Ry; 1895 to 1896, president DeKalb & Great Western Ry;  April 15,1898, to July 1, 1899, general superintendent Chicago Great Western Ry; July 1, 1899, to May 1, 1900, superintendent Morris & Essex division Delaware Lackawanna & Western Rd; May 1900 to April 15, 1905, general manager St. Joseph & Grand 1sland Ry at St. Joseph, Mo.; April 15, 1905, to April 15, 1907, general manager Tidewater and Deepwater Rys at Norfolk, Va.; April 15, 1907, to date, vice-president and general manager Virginian Ry.

- abram burnett,
sergeant of the grass mowing platoon

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