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According to Jim Wrinn's book "Steam's Camelot", ex-N&W 408 was considered for rebuilding into a power car for the NS excursion train in about 1992, but it was considered to be in too bad of shape and was scrapped.  NS 39 was the primary power car for the excursions in the early 90's, and I believe continues in service with the NS OCS, and was rebuilt from a Santa Fe baggage car.

Marty Flick

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>  Does anybody know the whereabouts of Norfolk Southern Car #25?  Please see
> the attached photo.  It's an old Wabash Baggage Car that later became Power
> Car #408 for the N&W.
> I checked the Altoona Works website.  They list a Car #25.  But it's
> clearly an old Coach and not a Baggage or Power Car.
> Altoona Works does show an HEP car numbered 39 that could possibly be the
> former 25.  But I can't be certain.
> Hopefully, somebody knows for sure.
> Regards,
> Bill King
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