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Correct.  1705 to 1710 were built as class Y2a.  They had only one Roanoke
Shop plate on the smoke box.

All the ones built as class Y2 were rebuilt as class Y2a in Roanoke shops.
These locomotives had two plates.  The original builder plate and a Roanoke
shops plate with the words Rebuilt and below the month and year they

So the first Y2 built in Roanoke 1700-1704 had both the Roanoke plates, the
Built and the Rebuilt.  The 1711 to 1730 had the Baldwin builder plate and
the Roanoke Shops Rebuilt plate on the smoke box after being rebuilt.

Photos attached. The Y2 is 1700 no. 224.  The Y2a Rebuilt June 1923 loco.
number is unknown.

Jim Blackstock

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