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Yes, there were essentially a consist book, showing the type and how many of types of cars and position in the train. The N&W was not that large, because it was not many trains, and not nearly as much involved in mail, packages and express, as say the Pennsy or Southern Pacific, both roads consist books ran into over 100 pages, N&W was more like 15-20.

If a train was not listed in a consist sheet, it was always the plan to run mail and express up front, baggage following, then coaches and sleepers and/or diner or observation lounge on the rear. The reason for sleepers or diners on the rear was simple, those cars often came on or off in locations along the way, and it is far quicker and simpler for the railroad to pull a car off, put another on.

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> ​During the days that the J Class engines pulled passenger cars, was there any proper order for lining up the baggage car, mail car, passenger car, dining, etc?  Thanks,
> Jack
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