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As a general rule, the mail and baggage and express cars were first, followed (in order) by coaches, tavern lounge (if there was one), dining car, and sleepers. The Powhatan Arrow was an exception. In the early years (before the 1949 equipment) it was coaches, tavern lounge, diner and more coaches. When the new equipment arrived in late 1949, it was basically the same, except the tavern lounge was the last car (since it was an observation. Soon, however the standard consist became three coaches, diner and tavern lounge observation. Later, the Arrow began to carry some head end cars, then a combination baggage-coach, two coaches, and a diner lounge. The observation car was dropped from the consist.
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 #yiv9858316753 #yiv9858316753 -- p {margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:0px;}#yiv9858316753 ​During the days that the J Class engines pulled passenger cars, was there any proper order for lining up the baggage car, mail car, passenger car, dining, etc?  Thanks,

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