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Wed Jan 24 19:35:10 EST 2018

     I see that searching the archives has taken on a very different 
look. It also has created a problem. It was once that when searching 
through the archives one could select a subject, look it over, then 
click the "back" button and be returned to where you left off. Now, 
after scrolling through the many items, sometimes several pages deep, 
selecting a subject and then clicking the "back" button, you are taken 
all the way back to the very first item on page one. Then you have do 
that long drawn out process all over again, always being sent all the 
way back to the beginning.
     Did the programmers know or care about the PITA they have created? 
I much preferred the old look of the archives, you know, "If it ain't 
broke, don't fix it"! Hopefully, whoever cast this pox on the archives 
can come up with a cure!

Jimmy Lisle

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