Major Edmund L. DuBarry, Superintendent of Norfolk Division, 1890s

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I might be able to help with a little bit of information on this one. You can find a slightly more detailed obituary in The Times Dispatch (Richmond, VA) on December 5, 1908. Here is a link to view that:

It is towards the bottom of the page, second column from the right.

The December 6 edition of The Times Dispatch has some additional information which you might find useful, including a list of N&W officials who attended his funeral. You can view that at the link below, third column from the right towards the bottom.

I have a passport application for Edmund from 1891 and his birth is listed as March 17, 1842 at Washington, DC, on the application. His tombstone also shows the same birthdate.

An announcement from General Manager Joseph Sands printed in the Engineering News and American Railway Journal, Volume XX, July-December 1888 (and at least one other source) mentions that DuBarry was given the role of Superintendent of the Eastern Division, so I would assume he was moved to that position somewhere around that timeframe.

I have some additional evidence that he was likely with the Boston & Potomac at some point during the 1870s and another small obit mentions he started with the Pennsylvania Railroad. His brother, Joseph, may have been the VP for the PRR that you mentioned, his wife's name was Laura and he had at least one daughter, Louise.

DuBarry was also a witness to President Garfield's assassination.

I have a few other sources of information (census records, city directories, etc.) but I just included a few items I thought might be useful to you here. If you are looking for something else, just let me know and I'll be glad to see if I have it. Hope that helps!

Michael Jones
Lost at Thaxton: The Dramatic True Story of Virginia’s Forgotten Train Wreck

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Subject: Major Edmund L. DuBarry, Superintendent of Norfolk Division, 1890s

What is known of "Major" Edmund L. DuBarry, Superintendent of the Norfolk Division and then of the Eastern [General] Division in the 1890s?

There was a long line of DuBarrys, surgeons, naval officers, one General, and several railroaders (one of whom was a Vice President of the PRR,) who seem to have been congregated around Philadelphia and Trenton, NJ, stretching back to the late 18th Century.

Unfortunately, Edumud never responded to the annual queries for bios for inclusion in the Biographical Directory of Railway Officials of America.  We know he was aboard No. 2 the night of the big wreck at Thaxton in 1889.  And he appears in the Poor's Manuals.  Finally, the Alexandria Gazette of  December 5, 1908, indicates he had died at his home in Norfolk the previous day at age 68, "was once with the Pennsylvania Railroad," and "had been a railroad man for 50 years."  This indicates he was born about 1840.

Is there anything more comprehensive on Major DuBarry, perhaps an obtiuary?

-- abram burnett

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