Weed spray and de-vegetation options

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One of the many forgotten benefit of "the good old days" was that in
addition to spreading smoke and soiling the daily wash for Mom and Dad,
those little bits of cinders and the like had lots and lots AND LOTS of
acid producing Sulphur compounds which would kill anything within their
scope of coverage, typically perhaps 50 feet of the RR. Of course they also
had a lot of really cheap labor into the pre-WW II era and that helped.
Afterwards, labor costs skyrocketed, the Sulphur producing trackside
modules (aka steam locomotives) went away in increasing numbers and voila,
growth encroached much closer to the ROW, lower costs for maintenance, etc.

That is just part of the forgotten story, but then we also have global
warming and a whole bunch of other factors as well.

'nuff said.

Bob Cohen

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It is hard to get clear pictures along railroads these days due to
vegetation along the lines.  Photos from the 60's and before seem to be
mostly clear of such obstruction.  I have seen photos of "weed trains"
spraying the N&Ws ROW to keep down those pesky trees and such.  I was
wondering about the "reach" of those sprays i.e. how far from the tracks
would they have kept the growth suppressed?  When did they stop spraying or
limit their efforts to allow the current tree "infestation" that currently
Jim Cochran
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