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Looks like Life-Like did a pretty good job with the font of N&W on the HO
RF&P E8s. The ‘R’ and ‘K’ are a little off. The rest of the letters are
real close. See photos and attachments. However the font on the Life-Like
ACL E7s is definitely not correct but I’m still happy George Hughes had 100
of them made.

 Great models to have for the late 1958 time frame during the Christmas
rush which allows J’s, leased E units, and newly arrived Tuscan GP’s all to
be operated on passenger trains at the same time in addition to SOU FP’s
and E’s on the joint through trains. And 18 PRR GP-9’s were still on the
property for freight operation. An interesting time for diverse motive
power on the N&W for sure.

 John Garner  Newport VA

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