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Good afternoon from the UK


The 2300 has been a longstanding focus of interest and a persistent “if only” object of a lot of reading and research. I think the N&W came within a whisker of a breakthrough in modern coal fired steam traction and it was mundane aspects such as proprietary items including feed water heaters and pumps that constrained its performance. Being a one off was also a big mark against it.


I wonder if having a driving cab on the tender to delete the requirement to turn the loco could have worked. Also the addition of traction motors to the tender might have boosted starting tractive effort. I suspect the sentiment was against this type of pioneering technology set and that diesels were seen as the way forward.


Phil Mortimer


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Thanks, Mr. Cohen, for giving the date the 2300 was taken to Roanoke Shops for funeral rites.


Interestingly, my father had me up on the 2300 the day she was delivered to Shaffers Crossing, and I just happened to be standing on the platform the day she was towed by an S-1 through Roanoke station, headed for her demise at the Scrap Wharf at Roanoke Shops.  So I guess I saw "the beginning and the end," although I saw very little of the "Cab Cruncher" between these two events.


-- abram burnett 

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