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Steve is right about the Life-Like HO scale E-7s and E-8s having the wrong
font.  I've posted close-up photos of the Life-Like leased-ACL E-7 and
leased-RFP E-8 to show what he's talking about.

Life-Like produced E-7s and E-8s for various roads.  Among them were E-7s
for Atlantic Coast Line and E-8s for Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac.
The late George Hughes of Spring Haven Shops managed to convince Life-Like
to produce a very limited run of ACL E-7s and RF&P E-8s lettered for N&W.

Jack Vansworth of the Division Point is considering importing brass E-units
in HO scale.  I spoke to him at the Brass Expo in Chicago in October 2016
about a leased N&W version.  He said that of the two versions (ACL E-7 or
RF&P E-8), he might be inclined to produce the leased-RF&P E-8 lettered for
N&W.  It would all depend on the amount of interest among modelers and
collectors.  So, if any one is interested, they should contact Jack.


Bill King


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> The Key N&W O Scale model is an ACL E6 “One of A Kind” model.  I posted
> for orders here on the N&W forum, but no one wanted any. So Key made mine
> as a special unit (1 of a kind) it will not to be rerun.
> Jim is correct the RF&P was gold lettering. I had decals made for me in O
> scale. The art work and decals were over $135.
> Stephen Rineair
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