Barytes, East of Bristol

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I always heard it was Bear-uh-teez, pronunciation of the mineral notwithstanding.  I always thought it was the end of the siding, a mile or so east of the roundhouse.


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Granted, we Trainmen were not the sharpest tacks in the box (... as we were so often told ! )

Several miles east of Bristol had been a siding named Barytes.  It never made the Station Pages of the Time Table, but it does get mentioned in the Special Instructions and it is shown in the Official List of Stations, &c.  In my time there (1960s,) it was only a name associated with a general area -- the siding was long gone.

I have a question about the pronunciation of the name.

The men ahead of me on the roster, from whom I learned the name, pronounced it  BEAR-teeze.  But since the place was named for the mineral once mined there, the proper pronunciation should be the same as the pronunciation of the mineral,  BEAR-rights.

Does anyone know how the local population handles the pronunciation of the name and, more importantly, how the railroaders of, say, the first quarter of the 20th Century pronounced the name?

(Yes, I should have asked Jasper Wilkerson, a 1917 hire, and Tom Kegley, a 1906 hire... but I didn't.)

-- abram burnett 

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