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Even numbers? No. It’s been over 35 years but I still remember some of them. Some odd numbered stations I recall - 10129 was Crewe, 10451 was Williamson, 10563 was Portsmouth, and 10767 was Sandusky. Through Columbus, I believe they used the mileposts (from Norfolk) but Columbus to Sandusky, reflecting its ex-PRR heritage, had the mileposts start over at 0 but the station numbering continued from Norfolk.

Anther series I recall was the ex-NKP Buffalo to Chicago which was 00xxx with miles from Buffalo: Bellevue was 00248 and I believe Calumet Yard in Chicago was 00510 (I spent most of my time in Sandusky so that’s the area I particularly remember).

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>> These were station numbers, which in the case of more important points, were letters.
> So, all of this begs the question of when did the station numbers become district or line specific? For example, Roanoke was 10254, Shen. Div. north started with 13; (13142 Waynesboro, Glasgow 13194), Shen. Div. south began with 14.
> It is my understanding that the stations were numbered for the next even number north of the station.
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