North Fork meat packing plant questions

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Wilson and Armour were there in 1923. Wilson took over S&S (Swartzchild &
Sulzberger) which was a on a different siding in 1903, but had moved to
behind the train depot by 1916. Armour was behind the train depot by 1910.


Swift was located at Elkhorn and Armour had another location next to the
Eckman train depot. 


Alex Schust


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The recent discussions on the operations on the North Fork branch have been
fascinating and particularly the sidebar about meat reefers. I've been
digging through print references, newspaper articles, and online searches to
attempt to learn more about the meat industries there.  I've found reference
to the presence of 3 different meat packing plants in North Fork, but so far
I've only been able to learn the name of one of them (Armour).  Can anyone
here tell me the names of the other 2?  

Also, I would like to know how many carloads they typically might have
received each week. 

Sincere Thanks!

Dr. J. Brent Greer

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