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My recollection is that the Val maps showed the line running out to a mine at the end of the 3.68 miles, memory says it was a lead mine. But it never went any further, and I suspect that any kind of trace of the line is virtually gone with development today. The line kind of turned south, after the recent end of track. The only reference I can find right now on Google Maps is a "Kingston Court" in Christiansburg, who'd location sort of fits what I recall from the val map.

Here's an excerpt from H. Reid's Extra South, published in 1964-
p. 33 "By 1911, The Huckleberry was, in a sense, withering on its own vine.  An iron mine
at Kingston, VA., failed.  The company anthracite business lost out to mines in Western
Virginia and the Flat Top field of neighboring West Virginia.  In June, The Huckleberry's owners
stood in front of  Montgomery Country Courthouse, firmly believing the time ripe for public
auction,  There were no takers.  On Aug. 29, they tried again.  This time the Norfolk &
Western entered a successful bid.                  Harry Bundy

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