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Northern Virginia from Culpeper and north =  NOVA.

DC   =   Mordor  ( sometimes NOVA is part of Mordor)

Wytheville & suthwest from there,  Smyth country, Washington Country,
Grayson   = Mountain Empire,

All of the other far SWVA counties Lee, Russell, Tazewell,  were always
referred to as 'coalfields' .

"Where ever you are, remember, you are there. "
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> An issue even more interesting than the nomenclatures for the regions is
> the matter of how differently the people speak in those different areas.
> Just listen to them !
> The pronunciation of the consonants does not change much from area to
> area, but the handling of the vowels differs radically.  The big
> difference, to my observation, is that vowels which are "fronted"
> (pronounced in the front of the mouth) in some areas, are "backwardized"
> (pronounced in the back of the mouth) in other areas.
> The underlying historical question is:  How did all this happen, given
> that "Virginia English" began with a common stock of Englishmen three
> hundred years ago, in Colonial Tidewater Virginia.  The Scots-Irish
> migrations down the Great Valley a hundred years later no doubt introduced
> some dialectical variations in pronunciations.  But no one in Virginia
> today speaks like the British, the Scots or the Irish.  So what in the
> flaming tarnation happened to Virginia diction...?
> Mr. Bundy, will you please check the N&W Archives and prepare an
> appropriate report?  By the close of business on Friday, if possible.  We
> are counting on you, Mr. Bundy....
> -- abram burnett
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