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Hi Jeff, 

From your email note below, it’s apparently you got to a point of showing an extensive list of Timetables.  Find / click the listing for the Division and year you want, which will take you to a page that lists the locator and description of the document, among other things.

On that page, right above the N&W herald is a “Ordering Information” button.  Clicking that will give pricing information.  

From past experience, you will see a list of prices for paper delivery, delivery via CD/DVD or download/email.  Each has it’s own price.  Some items require a “research fee”, which I’ve interpreted as meaning that the item hasn’t yet been scanned. That fee is $25, which I’m sure accounts for the extra time it takes the volunteer to scan the original.  If the item was scanned in the past, it’s likely just a matter of hitting “print” for a hardcopy or attaching it for electronic delivery.

If you’re a member, the rates will be lower than if you’re not. Similarly, if you’re not a member but you order above a threshold amount of stuff, you can get a membership for free.  My dad already gets the magazine (which I borrow when needed) - but I’ve bought enough stuff from the archive to have justified it a couple times over!  People with an interest in the N&W are lucky to have such a resource.

Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio, US

On Oct 9, 2017, at 1:29 PM, NW Mailing List <nw-mailing-list at nwhs.org> wrote:

Thank you for the time tables listing, which is quite extensive for the Scioto division. 
I  have not ordered anything from this part of the society archives , and don't fully understand how to go about it. 
Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. 
Jeff Wood
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