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Regarding employee timetables of the N&W HS:

The society is fortunate in having one of the better preservations over a
longer period of time for its employee timetables than most other railroad
historical societies. I have only perused a few of the divisions they have
and from what I have discerned, what they have is nearly complete from
around 1905/1910 into the 1960s for each and every division on the entire
system. There are some from even before the 1905-1910 but those are far
from complete. Let's remember that the railroad only came into existence in
1896 as the former company was the N&W RR. It went into receivership and
when it emerged it was the N&W Railway.

For some fee structure, you can purchase copies and I do not know what
those fees might be as that does take time. I know they also have public
TTs but do not know what level of coverage they have for those but they do
have a bunch.

For my 2 cents worth, the employee timetables are far better
representations of what was going on and where as those list both passenger
and freight as well as some rules, exceptions, special instructions,
signals, and the like on each division are shown. While it changes all the
time, there are frequent timetables of the N&W (and other RRs) on ebay and
that is another place for locating such things.

Bob Cohen
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