NW-Mailing-List Digest, Vol 152, Issue 6 -- Potts Creek ruins north of Potts Branch

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Mon Oct 9 16:00:28 EDT 2017

This is a resend with purged old material --

Starting at Covington Va you have paralleling the Potts Creek --

Potts Valley bridge over Jackson River

Tracks still out to the Industrial Rayon site (3 + miles) with cut masonry
culverts (park at baseball diamond parking lot and craw up to ROW.)

Deck Girder Plate Bridge to Industrial Rayon (now a brownfield site)

Exposed ROW covered with grass at Jordan's

Ore washer foundation near Jordan's can be seen when leaves fall

Tunnel at Arritts

Many portals up on the hill slopes (don't go alone)

Al Kresse
> R.D. Williams, CEO
> Hendry Regional Medical Center

> I plan to drive the Potts Valley Branch, north to south, on Thursday.
> Can anyone tell me if any of it still exists, or is see-able,  north of
Paint Bank ?
> Also, I plan to get in the Narrows Branch on the same day.  Does anyone
have suggestions on what to look for on that branch?
> Thanks,
> -- abram burnett

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