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Thank you Harry.
My plan is to purchase all the items I can from the archives for my Cincinnati District collection.
I am in the process of writing a story of a father and son and the area between Jaybird and Peebles including Beaver Pond.
The 2 people I am in contact with are very familiar with this area, and I will be getting first hand info from them. 
Thanks again for your help.
Jeff Wood
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 The NWHS web site shows that there are
 about 10
 right-of-way and track drawings for the
 area near
 Peebles.  One of the drawings is
 dated 1901, but most
 are from 1949.  Can't say that
 each drawing lists property
 owners, but one   (F10099) drawn
 in 1903 shows Plan of Alignment
 and property (Mile Post 70 - Mile Post
 71) near Peebles.  I'll put it
 on my "to do" list for next trip to
 Salem Avenue.
   Harry Bundy 


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