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Sept 7-10 is a scheduled Archives work session. The door should be open by 9am.


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Traveling South tomorrow


Can I review NKP material in your possession?


WJPowers NKPHTS board

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Was walking the Peavine the other day and noticed some diamond-shaped tags on some of the ties (photos attached).  I saw one "series" starting at 0 and going up by increments of 1/2 ending at 3 1/2.

The tags were placed on every 20th tie such that a 1/2 tag was on the 20th tie after the 0 tag and a 1 tag twenty ties later, etc. up to 3 1/2.  I'm wondering at the purpose of "permanently" marking a series of groups of twenty ties.

Anybody any knowledge or speculation on the purpose of these tags?


Jim Cochran


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