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Good afternoon from  sun drenched (it cannot las long) UK,

As many a dedicated restorer and bottomless pit government operation has
found out, if you throw enough money at it, most anything CAN be restored,
although how original the item might really be when done is another matter.

Heck, one of the two Y" class engines COULD restored to operation,
theoretically ---------- if you put a new boiler on it along with a host of
other things. Same can be said for all the other such objects of one
sugar-daddy's desires. I just know the UP 4005 isn't going to feel a fire
in its belly anytime soon.

Bob Cohen

 Re 4005. I was not able to get alongside the loco to assess its overall
condition. Superficially it looks fine but will bow to judgements as to
what happened to it to get it to its present location. I hope the cutting
activities were not fatal.  I suspect it might be a bridge too far to even
think about resurrecting it.  The outdoor collection at the Baltimore
Museum gives concern as to the deteriorating state of some of the exhibits

Locos have however been rescued and restored from worse conditions as
described. Check out the ?Duke of Gloucester? which was complete wreck in a
scrapyard with cylinders and valve gear missing. It has been re-built and
modified and is a star performer (Check out Duke of Gloucester flattens
South Devon Banks on You tube). It took a lot of time, effort and money but
does demonstrate what can be done. The loco was built originally as late as
1954 as a one-off for a wrecked loco. It was a flop when new and had a
reputation as a coal eater. Checks on drawings identified problems with air
flow to the fire box and the draughting arrangements in the smoke bow. A
bit of wizardry and the loco now breathes freely and performs brilliantly.


Phil Mortimer
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