"Towers" at Roanoke and "West Roanoke"

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Did 'D.T'.mean Down Town as in Roanoke? Seems logical to have a tower
control traffic coming from the east. I'm lazy - didn't read the whole
Charlie Long

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> I have previously posted to the List (and sent a copy to the N&W Archives)
> a PDF reproducing the N&W's "Statement of Block Signals in Use on the Road,
> September 1896."  And I will attach it again, for the benefit of anyone who
> missed it several years ago.
> Notice page 6, which shows a "tower" at "E. End D.T. Roanoke Tower," and
> another tower designated as "West Roanoke Tower."
> 1896 was probably a bit early for the N&W to have been using interlocking,
> so my guess is that the facility designated as "E. End D.T. Roanoke Tower"
> existed only to block trains by the "Telegraph Block System," and handled
> no interlocking.  It was probably somewhere around Randolph Street.  Notice
> that its signal (whether singular or plural is not specified) is/are shown
> as having two arms and being equipped to show Permissive Block.  This
> facility probably only blocked eastward trains, as the main line west of
> that point was probably governed by Rule 93 (Yard Limits on Main Track.)
> Now to the questions...
> 1.  Where was "Roanoke Tower"?  Was it on the same spot as the two
> succeeding iterations of "Randolph Street" Tower?  When was mechanical
> interlocking first installed at this junction?  What was the Telegraph Call
> for the the "Roanoke Tower" shown in 1896?
> 2.  Where was "West Roanoke Tower"?  (Remember, we are talking an era when
> the yard did not extend west of what is now known as "Shaffers Crossing.")
> -- abram burnett
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