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Attached is the listing for William Herbert Johnson, an 1889-hire S.V. RR
man who hired at age 17 and,  in his first 33 years of work had held 14
different jobs on a number of different railroads... and he was still only
51 years of age!  At the time of this listing in the 1922 Biographical
Directory of Railway Officials of America, he was Superintendent of
Terminals and General Agent at Norfolk.

What initially caught my eye in this listing was that he had been a Train
Dispatcher  >> at Radford <<  until October 1897.  What that says is that
the Train Dispatcher was still at Radford in late 1897.

Someone needs to work out the time line of administrative changes that
brought the Lynchburg Division, the Pulaski Division and the New River
Division (and did I miss one...?)  into their final configurations and
headquarters locations.  Sounds like an excellent job for the firm of
Bundy, Miller & Associates, LLC.

They can also figure out the year the Shenandoah Division, the Roanoke
Division and the Winston-Salem Division were merged.

-- abram burnett
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