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According to "Norfolk and Western Guide to Freight and Passenger
Equipment," the "Exporter" was built at Decatur, Illinois in 1955.

I am only speculating here, but I assume the "Exporter" was re-built by
Wabash from an existing passenger car.  To find out for sure, you may want
to contact the Wabash Railroad Historical Society:


Again, I am speculating, but I don't believe the "Exporter" was meant to be
used on a specific train.  Instead, it was probably given fluted stainless
steel in order to match existing Wabash passenger equipment used on the
"City of Kansas City" and the "Blue Bird."  Most cars built for the "City
of Kansas City" were later used on the "Banner Blue."

According to the roster of former Wabash cars on the N&W Historical Society
website, the "Exporter" was re-lettered no N&W on December 18, 1965 and
sold to Ontario Northland on December 8, 1971.

I have attached three photos of the "Exporter" in service on the Wabash,
N&W and Ontario Northland, respectively.


Bill King

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