RV Riverton Jct and MJ Troutville: Need Closing Dates

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Sun Jun 18 18:29:54 EDT 2017

Can anyone give me the date for the closing of RV Tower at Riverton Jct (it
was either 1942 or 1943) and the date for the closing of the Troutville
Station (MJ, probably in the mid- to late-1950s) ?

Troy Humphries was working at both places when they closed.  From RV he
brought home the little roll-back telegraph resonator, and from MJ
Troutville he brought home the 3-line telegraph switchboard.  I want to put
his name and date on the back of both.

Troy was the telegraph operator made famous by the O. Winston Link night
photographs of him in the telegraph office at BC Waynesboro.

I will attach a photograph of both items.

-- abram burnett

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