"Takin' Twenty" with the Virginian Brethren by Skip Salmon

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Last night, on the first Wednesday of Spring this year, Landon Gregory and
I were the only ones able to "Take Twenty".  We discussed the news of the
day and the fact that April 15 is almost upon us for our annual "paying the
piper" at the IRS.  Landon has assisted others in the past doing their
1040s, so we had a time of discussing this years taxes.  As for the VGN we
talked about the new security system at our Roanoke Station.  The elaborite
motion, sound, and other sensors along  with recording of video in real
time is a far cry from one special agent who a VGN Clerk said once "he
couldn't trace an elephant in the snow".

For Show and Tell I took the March 2017 "NRHS News".  This issue has no
specific info about our Chapter or the VGN but highlights their upcoming
convention June 20-24 in Nashville.

The winner of the Virginian Heritage unit #1069 photo with his first
correct answer last week was J. Tucker of Warrenton, VA.  He correctly
identified the VGN "W. R. Coe" tugboat as being powered by EMD.  She was
put in service in 1957 and after the VGN-N&W merger renamed the "R. B.
Claytor" and in 2003 became the "Karen B. Tibbetts" and still, as far as we
know, powered by EMD.

New question this week for another 1069 photo.  During the 50 years that
the VGN operated in the State of Virginia, at road crossings where the VGN
crossed VA roads, what was the posted speed limit for autos crossing the
tracks at grade?  First correct answer gets the photo.

The Jewel from the Past is from August 27, 2009:  "When I prepared for Tom
Victory's eulogy, I looked at the last six year's "Takin' Twenty" Reports
and "gleaned" some of the best "Cornbread" stories.  I showed them to Rev.
Jay Fields, Tom's Minister, for review, since some are sort of "racy" and
certainally not politically correct. He insisted that the following one be
included:  11/10/05:  "Cornbread" Victory told us about Benny Russo getting
saved and bringing back to the Yard Office a pile of tools that he had
stolen.  Victory said there was a 'mad rush from the sinners to take
possession of the returned tools'".

Then there's this:  A lawyer opened his own office right after successfully
passing the bar exam.  Sitting idly at his desk, his secretary announced
that a Mr. Baker was there to see huim.  He told his secretarty to show him
right in.  Thinking it was a new client, he wanted to make a good
impression.  As Mr. Baker was entering his office, the lawyer picked up the
phone and yelled into it..."Absolutely not! You tell them I will not settle
this case for less than five hundred thousand dollars.  Don't bother me
again until that amount has ben agreed to!" Slamming the phone down, he
greeted Mr. Baker saying, "How do you do Mr. Baker.  What can I do to help
you!"  Mr. Baker replied, "Hi, I'm from the phone company.  I'm here to
connect yur new phone."

Time to pull the pin on this one.

Departing Now from V248,

Skip Salmon


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