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 N&W 1530 has been resurrected several times.  N&W and SSW had a run through
agreement that allowed SSW power to operated Pine Bluff, Ark. to Bellevue, OH'
on symbol MB-98.  Power  returned to Pine Bluff  on BS-3.  Same arrangement
for N&W power -- it turned at Pine Bluff.  Perhaps an oversight or maybe with
permission from SOC, N&W 1530 went west and was demolished in a rear-ender
at Indio, California on the Southern Pacific June 25, 1973, along with four other
units.  NTSB cited cause as failure of crew to stop their train which was being
operated at excessive speed by an engineer under the influence of alcohol.
(His blood alcohol level was calculated to be 0.19)  Unknown to the crew, the
engineer had disconnected the overspeed device and between Iris and Wister,
the train averaged 94 MPH.  N&W 1530 next became a slug, 9921 (?) the
following year.                                     Harry Bundy
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