Island Yard and Kinney Yard

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Jim Gillum wrote an extensive article about Island Yard for the Arrow many years ago; I don't recall which issue but you should be able to find it on the Society's web site.

The Island Yard article appeared in the Nov/Dec 2000 edition of The Arrow.Vol. 16, No. 6..
On p. 9 - "Effective Monday, October 10, 1958, all scheduled trains originated
                 or terminated at Kinney Yard."   With dieselization of the Durham District,
                 the engine service track was placed at Kinney, probably because there
                was no way to truck diesel fuel onto Island Yard.

Even after passenger service was moved to Kinney and the Old Main Line
was abandoned in segments, Island Yard still had a purpose.   In moving coal
traffic, sometimes there are more hoppers than needed. In the 70s, trains
having just one loaded H-9 hopper were restricted to a maximum authorized
speed of 25 MPH.  So there was an effort to store these hoppers first.
Island Yard became the  hopper storage yard . :Pirates on the James River
would come ashore at Island, jack the empty hoppers up, and remove the 
brass.                                        Harry Bundy 

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