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N&W crossed the Southern at The Winston Salem Southbound to get to the new Southern passenger station.  The was also a connecting track from the Southern K line to the N&W at the new N&W North Winston yard.  The one listed WS would prabably be the WSSB crossing.

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> Back in 1930 the N&W had 60 interlockings; 40 were owned and operated by the N&W, 20 by foreign roads where they crossed and/or intersected with the N&W.  Here are 10 foreign interlockings that I have found so far: Lynchburg, C&O; St Paul, CRR; Clare, PRR; Bannon, NYC; Ironton, DT&I; WS in Winston Salem, SOU?; Walnut St, VGN; Glasgow, C&O; Loch Laird, C&O; Hager, PRR.  Where are the other 10?  Some have to be in the Norfolk area, others in Cincinnati.  They don’t have to be in towers; some could be in stations or yard offices, but c. 1930.  Any help would be appreciated.
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