R.P.C. Sanderson, SMP-Virginian

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Hey Skip,

I am new to this list-serve (this year) and have enjoyed the sharing. May I ask a favor, please. The next time you gather for a "Takin' Twenty" would you ask if anyone has a memory of R.P.C. Sanderson. He was the superintendent of motive power when the Virginian was getting started (July 1907 thru Jan 1910) before he joined Baldwin Locomotive Works in Feb. 1910 (he retired about 1929 and died 1942). The members of the group are probably not old enough to have known him first hand but perhaps they may have heard old stories. He seems to have been out-spoken. If anyone does have a recollection I would love to hear them and it's not necessary that the memory be cast in good light.   R.P.C. was my great-grandfather and in retirement I am working on his biography. Thanks for the help.

Peter Getz


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